Catch Up Terms and Conditions

You’re a valued client of mine and I want to give you every opportunity to keep your fitness goals on track so I’ve put a catch up policy in place for those times when you’re either ill or unable to attend classes due to holidays.

There are a few terms and conditions attached to this:

This catch up must be done within your current 10 week enrolment block.
The catch up session does not have to be for the course on which you are enrolled (so you could try Get Your Body Back instead of Pilates with the 10 week block).
If you are going away on holiday, you can catch up the number of sessions that you are going to miss before you go away or when you return.
A family member or friend can attend on your behalf to do your catch up if you feel unable to claim it yourself.
Catch ups may not be carried over to the next block of sessions except in extreme cases.
There are no refunds or transfer to a new block of sessions in place of a catch up.
Extensions will be considered and agreed on an individual basis.

It’s always best if you can let me know when you are planning to go on holiday and intend to use the catch up service on your return, as I don’t want to disappoint clients by turning anyone away if the venue is fully pre booked

I in turn will also have the option to take up to six weeks off during every financial year. This absence may be due to illness or taken as holiday but will not affect more than two sessions in any ten week block. In my absence you will be issued a catch up voucher valid for one year.

Remember, I am here to support and encourage you to prioritise your health and fitness – if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know.

By acknowledging these terms and conditions and signing the form below, you confirm that you are taking personal responsibility for your health and are able to exercise with Fit 4 You.

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