Biomechanics Screen

Years ago we humans were hunter gatherers – our main aim was to survive. Following the Industrial Revolution and longer working hours where we are expected to stand and or sit for long durations at a time (not what our bodies were designed to do), we have not developed at the same speed as evolution.

To compensate, our bodies are adapting by using different muscles – not always the correct ones – to complete daily tasks/activities. For example, if you sit for a set duration with relaxed stomach muscles, all the load is on the lower spine and so the outcome is back pain. This is the type of posture alignment that will  be addressed during your initial Biomechanics Screen.

Biomechanics can be defined as the analysis of movement and split into 2 categories.

  • Extrinsic – The study of movement and forces using observation. An example would be studying a simple walking technique. Based on the results/findings of a Biomechanics Screen, this technique can then be adjusted by corrective exercises if the cause is not hereditary.
  • Intrinsic – The assessment of internal structures that affect the body’s movement patterns. For example, looking at how someone’s leg length discrepancy can explain poor technique in daily movement. The body is a master of compensation and intrinsic factors may go undetected with just an extrinsic assessment.

What does a Biomechanics Coach do?

We look at the body as a whole unit, starting with the pelvis followed by the spine, shoulders, knees and feet. We screen the major muscles, nerves and bony structures that are known through evidence to cause abnormal function. We understand that your body will do most of the tasks asked of it on a daily basis but not always using the correct muscle groups. For example, if someone has a left knee replacement, the right leg and hip will compensate by taking most of the weight load.

In a very short space of time, this new weight distribution becomes the norm (a learned pattern both physically and psychologically) and subconsciously we start using the wrong muscle groups in a similar form to complete the same move in  our daily routines. This in time can lead to imbalances within the  joint/muscles/nerves which are not functioning as designed which can lead to other problems within our bodies.

What Can You Expect?

At your first assessment, we’ll discuss your past and current health history. I’ll assess your posture alignment and carry out a full screen to determine any areas of imbalance. The main aim of the Biomechanics Screen is to distinguish between findings that are either genetic or due to incorrect mechanical movement over a period of time.

So if you have a recurring injury or experience pain when you exercise, talk to me. With my help, you’ll be able to find out if there are any areas of weakness in your body caused by problems with technique or posture that are preventing you from moving freely.

We can then set up a programme to address these issues and review on a regular basis.

Sound good? To book a biomechanics assessment, email me at or call 07798 704 167.

Success Stories

I had a Biomechanics session with Annette and I am amazed!!! She did an assessment and advised me that problems I have had (for some 15 years) with sore and stiff knees and inflammation in my legs, together with stiff shoulders and restricted movement are all down to my pelvis being out of alignment. Annette did small manipulations on my shoulders and it is remarkable the movement I have with them!! This includes being able to lie down and put my arms above my head on the floor something that has been impossible for me. I am undertaking daily small movements in my hips and already am gaining some movement back in less than a week although I know this will take time. I am very pleased with my progress and fully recommend Annette!!

Gill Stacey

A few years ago I was a mature student taking the opportunity of working towards a geology degree which involved field, mine and quarry work in Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Europe and also personal mapping project in the Highlands of Scotland. All this involved much walking and climbing. Research then followed and for 5 years I was auguring Fenland soils which had to be carried some distances back to the car and then into college – my back was having to do a lot of work.

At Christmas 2018 the pain that I had in my backside had increased so much that I was limping and had to sit down after only a few yards and I could not stand for long either. Life for me had changed drastically BUT thanks to the advice of a friend I had been introduced to Annette and her Pilates work. When Annette knew that I was in such pain she suggested a biomechanics screening and she found out that my shoulders were not at the same level, my legs were not the same length and my pelvis was out of alignment. She started to sort me out and gave me exercises to do and after the two sessions with her there was improvement. I could not thank her enough – my life was getting back on track.

BUT – the next stage was a reformer session – last week (13.02.2019). What a fabulous piece of equipment. Annette is so caring, patient and knows just what is needed to get the body back into shape. It was an hour session with all sorts of exercises which were tailored to my needs and she observes exactly how one moves. The hour flew by.

The next morning I was up and out in the car and drove to Sutton Bridge in Lincs to monitor the saltmarsh vegetation –an hour to walk to the site and an hour back and a walk round the site on uneven surfaces and a quick picnic and the drive back – approx. 200miles. I had exercise to do every hour so that I was not sitting for too long. Next day I was able to get up again and get started on activities. I feel that Annette is getting my life back thanks to her knowledge and this brilliant reformer machine and I cannot give her enough thanks and praise and can’t wait for the next session in her lovely calm studio.


Biomechanics Screen

My husband Peter visited Annette, for a bio mechanics screening as he had difficulty walking and had to use a stick, was in a great deal of pain and popping painkiller all day. After one screening a great relief and how to best manage with specific exercises were given, he only had to make one further visit three weeks later and although still had some discomfort he has returned to Pilates and walking unaided. He continues to do the exercises on a daily basis, so thank you Annette for identifying the problem.

Janice Hopkins

Annette is a very experienced, lovely, honest, person who loves to help others, she makes you feel very comfortable. And at ease, she is informative, letting you know exactly what to expect and what is happening next. Biomechanics has changed mine and my family’s life it has enabled us to have the power to help ourselves and not be dependent on others. I am not in continuous pain anymore, enabling me to better manage daily tasks, and to be able to do things with my children. I had very limited movement in my knees they were very swollen with heat radiating from them and I struggled to walk. I also experienced a lot of pain on my hip and back, this is all due to not having correct posture since young. the releases Annette has given us has helped re-align our bodies better enabling us to reach our full potential. It’s worth every penny and worth its weight gold.
Thank You Annette for improving our quality of life.

Biomechanics Screening Client

My Biomechanics Screen I first went to see Annette for a biomechanics assessment following ongoing issues with my back for many years. She quickly ascertained that I was completely out of alignment with one shoulder and leg not matching the other by some degree! She could see my posture was poor and I tracked into one leg when I stood. I had this initial session and one other and immediately could feel and see a difference.

The exercises she recommended and joining her pilates sessions maintained this for some time. I then had an incident with a dog that left me with whiplash type injuries this included lots of neck pain with little relief. I returned to Annette and she performed her magic once more. Realigning me and getting rid of the pain with amazing speed. She has been able to make a massive difference to my well being and fitness with fantastic expertise and advice.  She has a lovely, caring, positive personality and energy that cannot help but make you feel better.


Biomechanics Screen