Interview With Annette

My story

Isn’t it strange how something can happen out of the blue that totally changes your direction?

I had been accepted on an Art Foundation course and was looking forward to my first day when fate stepped in and changed my life.

I had a bad motorbike accident.

I was in hospital for quite some time with various injuries, the main one being a broken sternum which on impact snapped outwards luckily – which not only saved my life, but also changed my career.

It took time to heal. I did a lot of thinking. While on my path to recovery, I studied and became more interested in working with and helping people improve their quality of life through health and fitness and so my journey began…

Since that significant day, I have qualified as an instructor and set up my business in Leicestershire, working within the fitness and health industry. I’ve now accumulated more than twenty five years of experience.

It became apparent soon after I started working with the general public and witnessing varying levels of fitness and medical issues that I needed to increase my understanding and develop specialist knowledge.

So I studied hard and gained further qualifications to enable me to help my clients on a more professional level and improve their quality of life as widely as possible.

My courses cover all levels of ability and I also work one to one with clients on a personal training basis.

I’m committed to making sure my skills remain at a high standard by attending training conventions and workshops on a regular basis.

What motivates me

My family. I have four amazing daughters who inspired the name Fit 4 You.

Helping other people. I enjoy teaching my clients and seeing them develop not only physically but also psychologically as their confidence improves – it is incredibly rewarding.

Staying up to date with the latest techniques and innovations in the health and fitness field.
I take professional development very seriously, as you’ll see from the qualifications I’ve worked hard for over the years:

  • Sports Science Degree
  • Sports Sociology
  • Sports Physiology
  • Statistics
  • Sports Injuries
  • Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Diet, Nutrition and Performance
  • Sports Injury, Safety and First Aid
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Biomechanics Coach
  • Exercise Alliance GP Referral Scheme
  • Pilates Level 3 Instructor
  • RSA Pilates OCR
  • RSA N/SVQ Nutrition and Weight Management
  • RSA Fitness Assessment
  • City & Guilds Teaching Certificate
  • N.C.F Award in Coaching Studies

BBC RADIO Interview with Annette Holliday discussing Pilates for People with Back Pain 2018

BBC RADIO Leicester Interview with Annette Holliday discussing All Things Positive 2019

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