Why choose to have your massage in Loughborough with us?

There are so many reasons for having a massage! Let’s start with our setting. Your treatment will be in a beautiful studio with a stunning view which is totally private yet at the same time you are surrounded by nature, which is so relaxing. Massage is the perfect partner to Pilates, enhancing the good work done in each session and giving you a little extra time to yourself.

So what are the benefits of massage?

Regular massage

  • Lifts your mood
  • Improves your sleep
  • Enhances your overall well-being
It can also help your body stay supple, hydrated and keep your skin young-looking.

Meet our lovely massage therapist, Domonique.

How your skin ages

The surface of the skin (epidermis) is completely made up of dead skin cells. In a baby these cells are continuously and quickly being replaced by newer cells as the body regenerates them.

A child’s skin is normally moist, rounded and smooth because of the speedy regeneration of the new cells everywhere in the body and the equally speedy shedding of dead ones.

As we get older, the regeneration of new cells slows down. This can be responsible in part for issues with dry skin and certainly in acquiring wrinkles where the dead cells collect in the little furrows of the skin and push them into formations.

Massages are often associated with physical benefits, such as loosening tight or aching muscles, helping your body to recover from injuries or illnesses, increasing flexibility and in the treatment of chronic pain. It’s also known to help lower blood pressure, heart rate and calm the nervous system.

Regular massage has far-reaching effects that go beyond the physical. You’ll feel more able to cope with stress, your skin tone will be enhanced, your immune system will be strengthened, your concentration will improve and it can help reduce mental stress. In short, a great massage boosts your sense of holistic well-being – and we all deserve that.

What our clients say

I really enjoyed the massage from Domonique. I thought she was professional in her manner and felt that she understood the anatomy of the area being massaged. She’s a very nice young lady and made me feel comfortable with everything. I’ll certainly book more appointments with her.


I attended a brand new studio, boasting windows with a view, candles and fragrances wafting thought the air, a brand new couch and totally professional approach by the masseuse. In summary, it was relaxing, excellent value and impeccably professional session.  I have booked again.


Domonique gave me a lovely relaxing massage (I have had massages in the past that were anything but!)  She carefully read the form I had completed and took note of areas which could cause me discomfort and ensured I was comfortable and warm on the bed.  When I left the studio, my back and shoulders felt so much better and more relaxed.  The experience was altogether delightful and one that I hope to repeat in the not too distant future.  I wouldn’t hesitant in recommending Domonique to anyone wanting a really relaxing massage.


The massage was really good, with a lovely sequence. Domonique was very friendly and made good conversation, but knew when to stop so I could relax and enjoy the massage in peace. I felt very comfortable with her. The complimentary scalp massage was nice too. The studio was really nicely decorated and a lovely environment.


It was truly wonderful from start to finish, from the warm welcome in the lovely sun-flooded studio and welcome cup of herbal tea with manuka honey to Domonique’s friendly manner. She was able to detect and work on areas that were tight and made sure that I was comfortable and happy with the pressure at all times. It was relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. The rest of my day afterwards I felt fabulous. Thank you Domonique!


Why not find out for yourself?

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