Pilates DVD

Here’s your chance to enjoy Pilates in the comfort of your own home – perfect if you’re travelling, can’t make it to classes on a regular basis or simply want to continue the good work at home. It’s also a wonderful introduction if you are new to Pilates as you’ll have a chance to become familiar with the exercises in your own time.

As your body adapts to the wonderful way Pilates systematically exercises all muscle groups, strengthening it against potential injury, you’ll begin to feel the benefits. Its power lies in combining the focus on suppleness that you find in yoga with strength building found in the gym, resulting in creating balance and natural poise.

Each workout sequence has been designed especially to help you become more toned and if followed correctly will result in a longer, leaner shape. They’re suitable for a beginner but there is also an advanced section if you practise Pilates regularly. You can click on separate exercises and choose which one to do.

Get the results you deserve.

For just £12.99 (free P&P), you’ll be guided through a series of exercises which will help you feel fitter, stronger and more flexible. There’s a taster of what you can expect below:

Beginner Pilates Example

Improver Pilates Example

I have been attending Annette’s Pilates classes for almost 7 years and I would like to highly recommend the DVD that compliments the class. I can put it on any time for 10 minutes to half an hour depending on what time I have to spare. The DVD is very informative as Annette goes through each exercise with clear and simple detail which is easy to follow.

Sandra Williams

Hi Annette, I’ve finally watched my DVD and taken in all the postures. It’s a great work out for beginners and improvers although I will never be able to do the advanced stuff! I would recommend your DVD for people looking to be flexible and keep fit.

Having had two knee replacements, it certainly helps me. Well done!