Reformer Pilates

Struggling with tight muscles?

Confused about the best exercises to do to help?

Frustrated with extra weight gain?

Wouldn’t you like to feel stronger, fitter, healthier and pain free with a better body shape?

You’re not alone…lots of my clients in the past have felt like this. The only way to get results is to tackle your issues on an individual basis so that treatment and exercises are tailored exactly to your needs.

As a qualified Biomechanics coach and Pilates instructor, I’ll combine my knowledge and experience to make sure you benefit from exactly the right programme – there’s no better way to get quicker results in a safe and controlled environment!

I’m really excited to tell you about a piece of equipment that will help you reach your goals in a unique and different way – it’s called a Pilates Reformer.

So what’s so special about the Reformer? What will it do for me?

The Pilates Reformer is a very impressive piece of equipment popular in Pilates studios all over the world. It was originally called the Universal Reformer, aptly named for “universally reforming the body” and was created by the genius Joseph Pilates who was way ahead of his time, to help patients start toning their muscles even while they were bed-bound. It’s shaped like a sliding bed with a platform on it called a carriage, which slides back and forth on wheels within the frame and uses springs as resistance.

I already enjoy Pilates on a mat so how would working on a reformer benefit me?

This is where the versatility of a Pilates reformer counts. Exercises can be performed in any position imaginable. The reformer can train the body to a higher degree as it offers the most variety of movements in their full range of motion and addresses the dynamics of the body.

A wide range of exercises are performed to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance giving you a more streamlined, toned body shape.

If you are a beginner, we’ll start with an initial introduction to the reformer exercises to cover the basics.

If you are a seasoned student of Pilates, you’ll discover exercises that challenge even the most advanced practitioners. Our reformers offer all the famous benefits of Pilates and more in a unique and varied exercise environment.

You’ll be working your muscles to full range, building strength, aiding bone density and guaranteeing increased flexibility.

The reformer adds that extra resistance as the muscles lengthen against the added load known as eccentric muscle contraction, lengthening the body without building bulk. The best way to learn is through private instruction to make sure you perform the exercises correctly and in doing so enjoy better results.

About our Reformers

We have two of the very best reformers at our studio. We’ve also added a half Cadillac, enabling you to perform a wider range of movement for better results. The reformers were made for us in Toronto, Canada with a special request for a bronze carriage – giving that extra touch of uniqueness that we love here at Fit 4 You.

Availability will be on a first come first served basis as places are extremely limited.

For the first 4 clients to book, we’ll be offering a very special deal so don’t miss out. Get in touch today.

3 reasons why you should book your Personalised Free Consultation and Mini Reformer Taster Session


  • You’ll enjoy special exercises to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance in your body
  • You’ll experience a unique and varied work out, using springs and resistance
  • You’ll benefit from private instruction to guarantee great technique and swifter results


Here is what my clients are saying

As a fit person with moderate-flexibility and strength, I found the reformer exercises challenging. I can imagine how they apply to my regular exercise regime, which consists of Aerobics, Weights and Pilates. My teacher explained how the reformer worked and took the time to explain each exercise before demonstrating how to do it. She also reinforced the correct technique throughout the session. I am hooked and am booking onto the Silver Package. Would definitely recommend.


The resistance created by the reformer provided a more challenging work out than the classes. As I have now completed a reformer course with Annette, I feel it may also produce visible results sooner — looking at my arm, leg, and abdominal muscles I can see already how they could look firmer and more defined with regular sessions. Would definitely recommend. Well worth it.


So what did I think about the reformer? I prefer it over class group Pilates. The reformer did not let me cheat. One thing to keep in mind is cost but I can honestly say if you value your health and body it’s worth every penny. The studio feels like you’re working out in the open. Loved the experience.


I had my first reformer session this evening and was a little apprehensive about what I’d let myself in for! I needn’t have been as Annette gave me a great introductory session. She took me through an individually tailored range of exercises and I could really feel the individual muscles working. I’m already excited about getting to work on the reformers properly next week!


Fantastic session on the reformer tonight! Everything is tailored to my individual needs. It’s an ever-changing programme of toning, stretching and balancing. Great workout in a beautiful environment.


I have not worked on anything quite like the Reformer before and share the enthusiasm of other comments. Such a different approach to training and Annette’s studio is so lovely. Can’t wait for next week!


I find the reformer good for identifying areas of imbalance and also it challenges muscles that normally wouldn’t be used in every day life.

It’s also fun to work on and I really enjoy it.


The reformers helps to tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles and works your core more intensively. They make you use the right muscles and stabilise them correctly and doesn’t allow you to substitute. It pinpoints pacific muscles better enabling you to effectively work them with a better range of movement.

The reformer gives you more of a variety of positions in which to exercise. They really are quite amazing I haven’t experienced anything quite like them previously, I really enjoy my sessions with Annette she is a very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic, supportive, lovely, honest, person who loves to help others, she makes you feel very comfortable, and at ease, she is informative, letting you know exactly how and what she would like you to do in a very clear and calm way.

The studio has a very calming and positive atmosphere. I find the reformers are worth their weight in gold.

Hayley Wright

Individual tailored programmes

You’ll be able to choose from two packages depending on your needs.

Bronze Package 6 Week Prescriptive Programme

This includes:

  • An Initial Assessment
  • 6 week introductory beginners Reformer course
  • Personalised prescriptive Programme
  • Health Screen inclusive of goal setting to ensure you get the best results possible
  • Adaptions to exercises to achieve the best results
  • Working together on the reformers with a partner
  • You will receive tailored and structured attention throughout the course
  • Expert guidance throughout your time on the Reformer machines
  • Special reduced offer when working with a partner only £360 per person for the 6 week course

Is it for me?

This includes:

  • Yes, if you’re short on time but know you need to do something about your back or joint pain.
  • Yes, if you like the freedom and ability to access a different class each week.
  • Yes, if you’ve suffered from niggling back and joint pains for less than 3 months and don’t want it to get worse.


The benefits:

This includes:

  • You’ll see an improvement in your aching joints in just a few weeks.
  • You’ll build strength and flexibility to allow you to get back to activities you’ve stopped through pain.
  • You’ll be committing to improving your health & fitness on a regular basis with proven results.


Interested? Email me now at for a very special offer or call me on 07798 704 167.

Silver Package 6 Week Prescriptive Programme

This includes:

  • An Initial Assessment
  • 6 week introductory beginners Reformer course
  • Personalised prescriptive Programme
  • Health Screen inclusive of goal setting to ensure you get the best Programme for you
  • Adaptions to exercises to gain the best results
  • One to one personalised attention throughout each session
  • A more comprehensive targeted workout
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Work the body in full range of motion increasing flexibility whilst building strength
  • Time efficient as gaining quicker more targeted results
  • One to one personal training £510 for the 6 week course

In a nutshell The Reformer creates a unique varied exercise environment because of the coil springs and resistance with fantastic results.

Is it for me?

This includes:

  • Yes, if you’ve suffered from back or joint niggles and pain for more than 3 months.
  • Yes, if you’re looking for quick results.
  • Yes, if you get easily bored of doing the same workout and like a variety of different classes.


The benefits:

This includes:

  • You’ll dramatically improve your aches and pains.
  • You’ll feel more flexible and stand taller after just one month.
  • You’ll be more relaxed, less stressed and sleep better with energy to enjoy life again and resume the activities that you may have stopped through pain.


Interested? Email me now at for a very special offer or call me on 07798 704 167.

Six Week Beginner Package Offer

£510 per person. Two people training together £360 per person.